5 Things to Consider Before Installing Electric Gates

When looking to upgrade the gates on your property, electric gates are proving more and more popular. They provide convenience, they look great, and can even add value to your property, but it’s always important to see if electric gates are the right choice for you. In this article we look at 5 things to consider before you look to have an electric gate installed.

What you want and what is possible are two completely different things, and while the idea of an electric gate may sound great, without the proper research, and asking the right questions, it’s easy to be left with a gate that isn’t safe and doesn’t function, sometimes leaving you in a worse position that before you started. 


1. Cost

One thing we always like to make a point of is that an electric gate isn’t cheap. If you are looking for cheap then you shouldn’t be looking for an electric gate. Part of this cost involves the safe installation of the gate. In short, if you can’t afford to have a safe electric gate installed, don’t have one.  When considering purchasing an automated gate, cost inevitably plays a significant role in your decision making. Establishing a budget for your gate is paramount, which is always easier if you find out what the average cost of a project is. You don’t buy a new gate every day, some you may not know what a project like a gate installation is, so do your homework, and ask as many questions as you can. Quality gates cost more, and a safe installation from a reputable installer also comes at a cost. If you’ve found a cheap option, always ask the question why it;s so cheap.

2. Learn About Your Options

Acquiring comprehensive knowledge about the products available in the market is paramount when considering installing a gate on your property. Delving into the intricacies of gate types, such as swing gates, double swing gates, sliding and cantilever gates, even telescopic gates, empowers you to make informed decisions tailored to your specific needs. Remember, this is your gate, and while it’s important to be guided, you still want the gate that you want, not one that you are simply told to have. Additionally, understanding the materials used in gate construction is pivotal, with each gate material having their pros and cons. While you may not know much about the gate openers or intercom systems, many modern products have features that can completely change the way your gate functions. You may not always be able to achieve the functionality you want, but you may also be surprised at what modern automation and access control systems are capable of. Armed with this knowledge, engaging with gate installation companies becomes more productive, and you can be more confident about choosing the right company to work with. 

3. Location

Determining the location of your gate within your property is a critical consideration. The type of gate you select is contingent upon it’s designated location. Some locations may dictate that you can only have a sliding gate so you can maximise the space behind, while in certain areas of a property there may not be space to have a sliding gate. A sliding gate may also not be suitable if your drive slopes from one side to the other, or a swing gate may be difficult to install without additional groundwork if the driveway slopes upwards. Typically, residential gates are positioned at the end of a property, but with longer driveways you would need to take into account the power source, and any work that needs to be done to allow an electric gate to be installed with minimum fuss.  Take into account your property’s layout and any unique features when deciding on the location, ensuring seamless functionality and accessibility for both yourself and visitors. 

4. Maintenance

When choosing and electric gate, it’s crucial to factor in maintenance considerations to ensure it’s longevity and optimal performance. Following installation, prioritising necessary maintenance is key. Your gate installation contractor can assist in setting up a maintenance schedule tailored to your needs, guaranteeing sustained functionality for years to come. Regular maintenance, including tasks like oiling hinges, replacing remote batteries, and clearing the track of debris, is indispensable for the proper functioning of automatic gates. Before investing in a gate, you should always assess in you can accommodate routine maintenance tasks, while also factoring in maintenance provided by the installation company. 

5. Compare Contractors

Every contractor will price a job based on what they believe their work is worth, with some being more expensive than others based on what they include in the price of their project. Begin by compiling a list of companies you are looking to work with and assess each based on your own priorities. Ask about experience, track record, testimonials. How long have they been operating, have you seen examples of their work, and what are their thoughts on gate safety. Knowing you have done everything you can to secure the services of a reputable contractor will give peace of mind before, during and after installation.

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