Individually coated extrusions vs fully coated

There are two main differences when it comes to the powder coating finish of an aluminium gate. Some will be coated whole with others having each individual extrusion powder coated.

The main difference between individually powder coated extrusions for aluminium gates and fully coated gates is the way the coating is applied. Individually powder coated extrusions are coated after they have been cut to size and assembled, while fully coated gates are coated before they are assembled.

Each comes with it’s pros and cons, with the most suitable option for you depending on budget and desired quality.

Whole-gate coating is a more cost effective method, meaning you can often find a gate at a lower purchasing price as it is quicker and easier to apply, but a poorly coated gate can lead to visible uncoated areas should there be any movement in the gate joints.

This can sometimes lead to deterioration of the coating, as the exposed area means that is is easier to chip and peel the coating.

Individual extrusion coating is a more expensive method, but it results in a finish that is less likely to leave visible uncoated areas, resulting in a finish that is less likely to be damaged in a short space of time.

Ultimately, the best method for coating an aluminium gate depends on the specific needs of the project. If cost is a major factor, then whole gate coating  could be the best option. However, if aesthetics and longevity is more important, then individual extrusion coating may be the better choice.

It is also important to consider the environment where the gate will be installed. If the gate is likely to be exposed to harsh weather conditions then a more durable coating may be the best option.

The choice of coating is not the sole factor when it comes to the cost of the gate, you can find fully coated welded gates that use a thicker aluminium profile, meaning you have a more heavy duty material being used.

Both options can provide a high quality gate but remember to always find out about the construction of your gates.

All aluminium gates are not the same.