Discover The Perfect Aluminium Gates For Your Driveway: Why TFS Should Be Your Go-To Supplier

Based in the heart of Cheshire, TFS have built a business by focusing on the things that matter to our partners and customers, high quality product, service and support. 

But why should you use TFS for your gates? is service and support enough? How do you know that we do offer a quality product if you haven’t purchased an aluminium gate before?

We don’t believe in telling you why you shouldn’t use an alternative supplier, what they don’t do and how inferior their product is. Our focus is on asking you the right questions, providing you with factual information, and above all else, providing you with the solution that is right for each individual , unique project.

Blue grey aluminium driveway gate between two red brick pillars

So why use TFS for your gates – THE FACTS!

They are our gates

That may not mean much in isolation, but there are actually very few aluminium gate manufacturers in the UK. Many use another distributor or factory, rebrand the product and then sell as their own. Now this doesn’t change the quality of the product they offer, but it can lead to increased costs and not receiving the value for money for the product supplied.

At TFS, you are dealing with the source, our gates, our product. You tell us what you want and we have it manufactured to your specification.


We have full control over research and development and the design and manufacturing process, allowing us to be agile in what we do, listen to those we supply and make changes based on feedback.


Another benefit of being in control of our manufacturing process is you aren’t limited to set designs with no flexibility. From size, colour,  design changes such as board size, height of the open bar sections and board orientation, you can create that gate that you want, not only what the supplier can provide. 


We provide a quality product, not a cheap product. Our gates are constructed using 3mm thick aluminium for the profiles and 1.5mm for the infill boards, 50% thicker than a number of gates available. We have different hinge options, a mitred joint option and only use the highest quality products. We are a Locinox Gold partner, working with them for over 10 years, so you can be guaranteed not only the highest quality gate but options to include the best gate hardware available.  

Cost & Value

There’s no hiding from it, it won’t go away, and you always have to talk about it at some point. COST. The easiest place to start with this is to make it clear that we aren’t the cheapest, we don’t want to be the cheapest, our product isn’t cheap. 

What we do offer is value. We provide a premium product at a fair price based on the quality of product, service and support offered throughout the whole process of each individual project.