So you want to know how much an automated aluminium gate costs?

Finding out the cost of an aluminium gate installation with automation isn’t as easy as you might think. Search aluminium gates and you’ll find costings for production line gates in set sizes, but trying to find the cost of a full installation from an internet search is quite a task, with many factors influencing how much the quote you receive will be.

I’ve had more conversations than I can remember, speaking to frustrated home owners about how they can’t get a quote or they don’t understand a quote, leaving many shocked at the cost of a project when the quote finally lands in their inbox

In this article I pull back the curtain on the true cost of an automated aluminium gate using a recent site survey and quote from a well respected, trusted installer, giving a true indication of the overall cost of a bespoke set of gates with automation.

Let’s start with the quote!

The Opal

The Quote

There’s no hiding from the fact that a bespoke aluminium gate that’s fully automated doesn’t come cheap and one of the biggest frustrations after speaking to hundreds of home owners is the lack of clarity when it comes to a quote.

Many will receive a quote without explanation, not knowing what their installation involves and then be left shocked at the cost. This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, with the industry being notoriously poor when it comes to the ‘sales’ aspect of a job, and when i say ‘sales’ I don’t mean getting someone to sign on the dotted line, I mean providing all the information to allow the customer to make an informed decision.

Reading between the lines

There are still other factors not listed out in a quote that have an impact on the overall cost.

Automation labour may sound expensive to some but for this particular job it would be for 2 men over 3 days, a total of 48 hours work.

This would change depending on the automation you have. In the case of this installer he made me aware that with above ground automation you would save around 30% as the labour would be a day less and would reduce the groundwork needed.

One of the final things to note is the gate itself. There are many different styles of gate, different construction, thickness and quality. Make sure you ask your installer about the gate they will be providing you. Not all gates are fit for automation.
Hopefully this article has been useful in providing some idea of what an aluminium gate installation would cost. Each installer will always cost a job based on their own experience, automation used and what they feel needs to be done to complete a job. Every installer won’t do the job in the same way!

You will always be able to find a cheap installation but If the word cheap is being used it should ring alarm bells right away.

It is possible to get a fair price for a safe, high quality installation but in my opinion never look for the cheapest!

Ask questions, find out about more about the installation, what they are doing and the reasons for it.  A good installation partner will explain the reasons they do what they do.

Here at TFS Gates we work with a network of approved installers to deliver the highest quality installations, so if you have any questions at all then we are always happy to help in any way we can!

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