5 Integrating Security Features Into Your Aluminium Gate - What Options Do You Have?

When it comes to having a new gate installed on your driveway, the focus is always on the gate itself, with the often forgotten security features taking a back seat.  The gate furniture and access control systems that can be added to your gate can completely change how your gate functions, and can provide much needed additional security for your property, but what options are available? 

Whether you are looking for an electric gate, manual driveway gates or a new side gate, this article takes a look at some of the different options available.

1. Locks

Perhaps the most fundamental element of any access control system for aluminum gates is the lock itself. The era of rudimentary latches as the sole security measure has definitively passed. Modern manufacturing techniques and advancements in research and development have yielded a spectrum of upgraded locks to safeguard your gate.

While commonly employed on side gates, selecting the appropriate lock makes a significant difference. A robust lock can deter potential intruders, steering them towards less secure targets. Furthermore, the right lock ensures your gate continues to operate flawlessly years after installation.

High-quality locks often boast stainless steel mechanisms, signifying their exceptional durability. Many such locks also include a receiver on the post side, facilitating a smooth closing action, minimising noise upon closure, and providing peace of mind when securing the lock at night or during your absence

2. Dropbolts

While a lock represents the cornerstone of an aluminum gate access control system, dropbolts offer an additional layer of security. These mechanisms are ideal for situations where you desire further fortification beyond a standard lock.

For those with automated gates, electric dropbolts can provide seamless integration with your existing system. These advanced options come in two configurations: fail-close (maintaining a locked state during power outages) and fail-open (automatically unlocking upon power loss). This flexibility ensures compatibility with your specific needs.

Manual driveway gates secured solely with a lock can be susceptible to damage. Applying pressure to the center of the gate can cause structural compromise and make breaching a double-leaf gate a relatively simple feat. In such scenarios, manual dropbolts provide a robust solution for enhanced security.

Dropbolts come in both lockable and manual varieties. By securing one gate leaf with a dropbolt, you significantly reduce the risk of forced entry. Additionally, dropbolts offer increased stability during extreme weather conditions, safeguarding your property.

3. Intercom Systems

Gate intercom systems represent a significant advancement in securing aluminum gates and, by extension, your overall property. These systems allow you to meticulously control access, granting entry only to authorised individuals.

The benefits of intercom systems extend far beyond mere access restriction. By selecting the appropriate system, you can leverage a suite of functionalities to bolster your access control measures.

  • Visual Verification: Many intercom systems integrate video capabilities, allowing you to not only hear but also see the person seeking entry. This visual confirmation provides an additional layer of security.
  • Two-Way Communication: Intercoms facilitate two-way audio communication, enabling you to interact with visitors before granting access. This allows for clear communication and verification of identity.
  • Customisable Access Control: Advanced intercom systems permit the creation of unique access codes for different individuals. This personalised approach caters to your specific needs, allowing you to tailor access permissions for various guests, deliveries, or service personnel.

By incorporating an intercom system, you gain a comprehensive access control solution that transcends the limitations of a simple lock. The ability to visually identify visitors, engage in two-way communication, and establish personalised access codes empowers you to manage gate access with increased control and security.

4. Magnet locks

Magnetic locks have undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Gone are the days of clunky, unattractive steel boxes dominating the aesthetics of your gate. Today’s magnetic lock designs boast a sleek and contemporary appearance, seamlessly integrating into the overall gate design with minimal visual impact.

Magnetic locks offer a versatile solution for enhancing access control. They can seamlessly integrate with your existing gate automation system, providing an additional layer of security. Alternatively, they function effectively as standalone access control systems for side gates.

Furthermore, magnetic locks demonstrate exceptional compatibility with intercom systems, push buttons, and fob control mechanisms. This allows for a comprehensive and user-friendly access control setup tailored to your specific needs.

5. Electric Keeps

Electric keeps have emerged as a popular security feature for aluminum gates, gaining widespread adoption due to their versatility. While magnetic locks offer a valuable layer of security, electric keeps boast an additional advantage: selectable fail-safe functionality.

Electric keeps can be configured for either fail-open or fail-close operation. This flexibility allows you to customise the system based on your specific situation and gate location. In scenarios where a quick exit is paramount during emergencies, a fail-open configuration ensures the gate automatically unlocks upon power failure. Conversely, for situations where maintaining gate security is critical, a fail-close configuration keeps the gate locked even during power outages, eliminating the risk of unauthorised access through power manipulation.

Electric keeps offer two installation options, catering to both new and existing gates. Surface-mounted electric keeps provide a convenient solution for upgrading the security of existing gates. Alternatively, internal electric keeps can be seamlessly integrated into the initial design of your aluminum gate, offering a visually clean and aesthetically pleasing approach.

Electric strikes, as electric keeps are sometimes referred to, typically work in conjunction with a manual lock. Upon receiving a signal from the access control system, the electric keep releases the latch, allowing the gate to open.

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