Is an aluminium gate a good investment?

The definition of an investment is the action or process of investing money for profit. So is an aluminium gate a good investment, is it an investment at all?

Wooden-effect aluminium gate by TFS gates

There are a number of reasons that someone decides they want a new aluminium gate. It can be to increase security, upgrade existing gates, add a set of gates for the first time or simply for aesthetics, but one thing that often goes under the radar is that an aluminium gate can actually be a good investment, adding value to a property, and even saving money in the short term through lower car and house insurance.

Having a high quality driveway gate can have a big impact on the value of a property, with a modern looking automated aluminium gate often completely changing the appearance of a property, allowing you to increase the asking price of a property should you wish to sell. 

It’s not just how the gate looks, an automated or manual set of aluminium gates can increase privacy, add security and be a more convenient option when entering and leaving the property. 

So when looking to invest in a new set of gates, don’t look at it from a purely decorative standpoint, look a bit deeper and see if a new gate is a good investment for you.


When looking to invest in a new gate, aluminium offers a modern, low maintenance option, and when automated can completely change the look and feel of a property.  If you are looking to remain in your property and make it a home for life, choosing a gate that fits in with your own style and taste is one of the most important decisions, along with quality, safety and functionality, but if you are looking at increasing the value of a property, the more attractive it is to potential buyers can help with value and ease of sale. 

First impressions are everything when someone looks to purchase a new house and wit hTFS gates able to offer over 50 standard designs in and RAL colour and a choice of woodgrain finishes, you can create that perfect impression, bringing life to your property with anything from a traditional design to the more contemporary, unique and eyecatching set of gates.


Having a new gate installed where there was previously an open driveway will always help to improve security on a property. A gated driveway will also likely help with car and home insurance, helping to reduce payments and offer a short term saving that can lead to an ongoing saving for annual bills. An automated gate means that you can restrict entry to a property and working in combination with CCTV and intercom systems you can protect your home using all the latest technology or even more cost effective access control systems depending on the budget you have to work with. 

A secure gate is a deterrent to potential intruders and can also provide protection for you family and pets, with having a barrier between driveway and road a perfect way to safeguard small children from running out of the property or pets running away if a front door is left open.

Privacy & Convenience

If you are looking to increase your privacy the design you choose will impact the visibility of your property from outside and also looking outside from the property. A fully boarded gate at 2200mm high will offer maximum privacy but would also restrict your view from inside, but if you don’t need full privacy and are happy or want the property to be visible from outside, you may look for a semi private design with open slats.

Incorporating gate automation with your gates can also make accessing and leaving the property much easier, depending on the system you look to use, automatic opening with the use of a fob  or alternative system means no more unlocking the gate in the rain and cold