Ruby Telescopic Gate Installation - Case Study

The Problem, Solution and Process

In early 2023, we worked with The Cheltenham Brand to complete a job in the beautiful seaside location of Lancing, near Brighton. The client wanted an automated aluminium gate, but the restricted space behind the walls and pillars at the front of the property limited their options.

We worked directly with the installer to find a solution. We manufactured a beautiful Ruby telescopic gate in RAL 7016, anthracite grey. The gate was expertly installed, leaving The Cheltenham Brand with a happy customer.

As one of our approved installation partners, The Cheltenham Brand Surveyor visited the client to conduct a thorough site survey and discuss potential solutions. Once we found a solution, we discussed it with the installation engineer and put together a plan to manufacture the gate that the client wanted and that would suit this particular situation.

When the client was happy with the proposed solution, we provided detailed drawings to The Cheltenham Brand. Once the property owner gave the go-ahead, we put the gate into production. We completed the manufacturing process within the agreed 8-week lead time, and the gate was then delivered and expertly installed.

Project details & equipment used?

  • TFS Aluminium Gate in the Ruby design, powder coasted in RAL 7016, anthracite grey
  • Gate to suit 6m opening at 1m height
  • High speed Roger Technology brushless gate motor kit
  • Remote fob entry for open and closing
  • Remote gate controller for mobile phones and Geofence activation when driving up to the gates
  • Ground bean track, dug in with concrete footings
  • Mains 240v supply installed back to house with electrical connection

How much did the project cost

As the gate manufacturer, when it comes to installation projects, this is all dealt with by our installation partner, with all payments made directly to them. They are an approved installer for TFS Gates so operate independently, with TFS being the manufacturer and supplier of the gates. 

The below costings were provided by The Cheltenham Brand.


Deposit £5523.25 Plus VAT

Balance £5523.25 Plus VAT

Total Cost £11,046.50 Plus VAT

Are you looking for a complete installation and automation of an aluminium gate? Contact us and we can help deliver a project like this one in Brighton.

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