Top 5 Benefits of having an automated aluminium gate

Automated aluminium gates were once seen as a luxury, but with the many benefits they bring, they are now being seen as much more than a nice to have.

Aluminium gates on their own have become increasingly popular in the past five years, but with a high percentage of new gates now being automated we wanted to look at some of the benefits of having an automated aluminium gate.
The Jet aluminium sliding driveway gate

1. Automated gates help to increase the security on your property

Each gate manufacturer will provide a range of colours, styles and sizes, ranging from semi private curved top gates to fully boarded, private designs. Depending on how you want your gate to look, a full privacy design at a certain height can provide increased privacy to your property without crating an eyesore. With the range of gate automation and intercom systems, even CCTV options, you can create a bespoke system that limits access to those you want, allowing remote access without leaving the comfort of your sofa, even approving access remotely through intercom apps.

2. Cheaper home and car insurance

This is one of the huge benefits that is often overlooked, with upgrading your driveway to a gated driveway having a positive impact on both home and car insurance. With many looking at what value any investment will bring, rather than focusing solely on the upfront costs, you can effectively reduce the overall cost of your gate through saving in these two areas. So when looking at the cost of an automated aluminium gate it’s worth calculating what the saving in these two areas would be, as with many other materials such as steel and wood, there can be additional costs for ongoing maintenance that would work the other way, reducing insurance prices but increasing overall cost. Aluminum requires no ongoing maintenance on the gate itself, so that’s one less cost to worry about.

3. An automated aluminum gate can increase the value of your property

Another reason why looking at automated gates can be a long term investment is the adding value to your property. After working on a large number of projects, we have seen first hand how a new gate can transform a property. Putting an exact uplift in property price is near impossible with the fluctuating prices in the housing market but it’s not unheard of that a large portion of any initial outlay on a new gate could be added to the overall¬† property value. So if you’re thinking of having a new gate but concerned that a change in circumstances could lead to a house move in the future, see a new gate as a positive, not a negative.

4. Convenience

We live in an automated age, a time where technology is advancing and we want things at the click of a button. This is no different when it comes to how we want to access our property. Nobody wants to get out of the car in the wind and driving rain to open a gate, drive the car out and then lock the gate again. Having an automated gate means you can have quick and easy access and exit to your property without leaving your vehicle.

5. Curb appeal

All the points above show how you can save money, increase security and make life easier using automated access, but when you look at having a new gate designed and installed, how your gates will look will always be a consideration. Aluminium gates come in all shapes, sizes, designs and colours, and they look fantastic. Working with the right manufacturer on the design of your gate can help you create the driveway you always wanted and can play a big part in turning a house into a home.

Automated aluminium driveway gate