Trending Aluminium Gate Designs

A new gate is all about personal choice. Like a new outfit, an aluminum gate should look right, feel right, and have a touch of your own personality. After all, it’s what creates the first impression when arriving at your home.

With so many choices available, both off-the-shelf and bespoke designs, it can sometimes be difficult to choose what is the right design for you. This blog post will help you narrow down your options and choose the perfect aluminum gate for your home.

1 - The Cinnabar

It comes as no surprise that the Cinnabar remains in the top 5 positions. A classic design with open bars at the top and fully boarded at the bottom, it offers the perfect balance of security and privacy. RAL 7016 remains the most popular choice of colour, but in the first half of 2023 we have seen a surge in orders for different RAL colours with some fantastic results. With the Cinnabar, you can decide how close you want the bars to be and how long, giving you the option to increase privacy by keeping the bars close together and the top section small, or to increase the distance between the bars and the section of open bars. The image shows the traditional version of the Cinnabar design, which remains the most popular.

2. The Fern

The Fern has been a surprise addition to the top 5 most popular designs. This curved-top design with open bars provides a more traditional look, with less focus on privacy. The smaller, fully boarded bottom has made it popular with those with longer driveways who are less concerned about people looking directly into their property. This image shows the Fern finished in a woodgrain effect, which is another popular request for semi-private designs.

3. The Liberty

In third place is our most popular curved-top gate, the Liberty. A simple, fully boarded design with a 200mm rise from shoulder to centre, the Liberty is a perfect fit for a wide range of properties. It doesn’t look out of place on traditional as well as new build, modern properties. Small changes to the build of this gate can create a completely different look. For example, the infill boards are available in 100mm, 200mm, and 300mm widths, and it is also available without the centre bar, as shown in this image.

4. The Opal

Just missing out on top spot is the Opal. This design is beautiful in its simplicity and gives a classy look to any property. As a fully boarded aluminium  gate, it is completely private and comes with a choice of board sizes to give you the design you are looking for. This stunning gate speaks for itself, and the attached image of a sliding gate is the perfect example of why this will always be a timeless classic.

5. The Ruby

Coming in first place as the most popular aluminum gate design so far in 2023 is the Ruby. Looking at the attached image, you can see why. This semi-private design has been installed on farmhouses, new builds, renovation projects, and traditional properties, and looks perfect on each one. With the infill boards available in different sizes and gaps between them able to be different depending on your preference, the Ruby is currently the king of aluminium gates.