What type of gate do I need?

What type of aluminium gate do i need? A  question that is often misinterpreted as the design, colour or size of gate someone is looking for, is actually a much more important question to find the answer to.

Each day we have people looking for new gates, they give us a call or sent an email, then ask how much does a gate cost. 

Sorry, not that simple!

Each individual project will be suited to a particular design, sometimes more than one, but the key is to understand what gates can’t be installed in a given situation and the reason that you would choose an alternative.

So what are the options and when would you use them?

Double Swing Gates

A traditional style of gate where you would have two individual gate leaves that would sing inwards or outwards, meeting in the middle. Each leaf would be equal and can be hung from existing or new posts. This is a common style used on flat driveways where there is space behind the gate when opened for cars to drive through and park easily. TFS Gates would be limited to 2500mm per leaf, so a total gate size of 5000mm.

Single Swing Gate

A single swing gate is often useful where there is a smaller opening. Similar to the double leaf the gate swings inward and outwards and is ideal for flat surfaces. Limited to a gate leaf size of 2500mm wide.

Uneven Split Swing Gates

The uneven split has become more popular where someone would like to use a set of swing gates but on one side requires additional space when the gate is open, often for cars to park behind. Again, more suited to flat driveways, but helpful with limited space behind. 

Sliding Gates

Moving away from the traditional swing gates, a sliding gate can be useful where there is limited space directly behind the gate opening. It does require area to the side of the driveway to allow a gate to slide behind. Sliding gates open on a bolt down or concrete in track and would more commonly be automated.  

Cantilever Gates

A cantilever gate is form of sliding gate which has an extended section of gate to counterbalance the main gate body. Being suspended above the ground, a cantilever gate can be particularly useful on more uneven ground. With no track bolted or concreted into the ground it is ideal if there is a surface that you don’t want or can’t alter and also means there is nothing on the driveway surface for cars to drive over. it is important to note that a cantilever can come at an increased cost as an alternative to a track slider.

Bi-Parting Gates

A Bi-Parting gate would differ from a cantilever or standard track slider as it would effectively be two sliding gates that would part in the middle. This can be useful as the area that the gate needs to slide across to is almost halved, so it can be a great choice where space is limited to the side of the driveway and behind. 

Bi-Folding Gates

A bi-Folding gate is another option used as both a space saving option and one that removes the need for a track on the ground. Similar in many ways to a swing gate the bi folding gate can see each gate leaf fold in the middle, requiring almost half the space to open into compared to a standard set of swing gates. 

Telescopic Gates

One of the more unique designs, a telescopic gate would work by each individual gate overlapping the other, again offering a space saving option. A telescopic gate is a great option when constructed from aluminium due to the weight being less, and it is usually constructed of two or three leaves.